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The Ophthalmology Innovation Summit launched in 2009 as the first event to showcase novel therapies in development for unmet needs in ophthalmic disease and vision disorders.

Since then, the mission of uniting entrepreneurs, ophthalmic start-up companies, clinical thought leaders, industry executives and investment professionals to facilitate a powerful exchange of information and connections to drive innovation has evolved. Over the course of the following decade, OIS successfully expanded with additional high-caliber summits focused on the anterior segment, retina and optometry.

In 2020, OIS evolved into the Ophthalmology Innovation Source to expand our services beyond live events by delivering timely information and key insights through news, podcasts, videos and virtual programs. PLUS the newest and most exciting addition of the EyeDeal Source™ database of ophthalmic start-up companies and investors.

We welcome you to join the OIS community and improve vision on a global scale.


The Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (OIS) was conceptualized and developed by ophthalmologist/venture capitalist Emmett Cunningham of Clarus Funds now Blackstone Life Sciences.  Dr. Cunningham enrolled legendary venture capitalists Bill Link of Versant Ventures/Flying L Partners to Co-Chair the summits to make his vision for OIS a reality. Craig Simak, Healthegy, CEO and experienced conference producer was brought on board as an OIS co-founder in 2009 and OIS was brought to life.

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We are ecstatic to unveil the EyeDeal Source Database of ophthalmic start-ups and investors, an epic way to take connections to another level.


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