A Fast, Fun Future, with Warren Foust and Magda Michna, PhD, Staar Surgical


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For today’s episode, the newest addition to the OIS Podcast team, Carey Powers, sits down with the newest additions to the Staar Surgical team: Warren Foust, Chief Operating Officer; and Magda Michna, PhD, Chief Clinical, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs Officer.

Starr has led the way in implantable lenses for over 40 years, but like many medical device companies, not many patients have heard of them.

That’s changing now that Staar has doubled down on direct-to-consumer advertising. To date, they’ve secured collaborations with the Jonas Brothers, Peyton List, and NBA player Max Strus, among others.

Kudos from celebrities, as well as a 99.4% patient satisfaction rate, will help Staar emulate the company’s success in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe in the United States. A clinical strategy that includes physician partnerships will help those docs communicate the safety profile and benefits of Staar’s EVO-ICL lenses for myopia and astigmatism.

Listen to the podcast today to discover:
• Starr Surgical’s approach to physician partnerships and patient education.
• Why Starr decided to integrate its clinical, regulatory, and medical affairs teams and Dr. Michna’s vision for all three.
• How Starr Surgical plans and executes its advertising and marketing campaigns, including influencer campaigns.
• Foust and Dr. Michna’s thought process behind making the move to Starr Surgical from Johnson & Johnson and AcuFocus, respectively.

Staar Surgical https://www.staar.com/
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