AcuFocus Set Out to Beat the Blur

The AcuFocus platform differs from other solutions in that others rearrange the blur commonly found with presbyopia and other refractive errors, while the AcuFocus platform removes the blur altogether. The concept is not uncommon – anyone who uses a cell phone as a camera is familiar with and embraces the small aperture concept, said Yari Mitchell, VP medical affairs and business strategy for the company.

AcuFocus has developed its platform into two devices: the KAMRA inlay for the correction of presbyopia, and the IC-8 intraocular lens (IOL) for cataract patients.

With the KAMRA, patients are achieving a J2 and 20/25 in the inlay eye at week 1, and the same outcomes can be achieved binocularly over the long term.

“Our emphasis for the inlay has now switched to helping those practices identify the patients who would be good candidates,” Mitchell explained.

The IOL marketplace is crowded, and AcuFocus’ concentration is to “go deep before we go broad,” meaning emphasizing key markets (UK, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand) first before a global rollout.

Results published recently on the IC-8 IOL show the lens is able to tolerate up to 1.5 D of corneal cylinder, giving a “soft landing point” for surgeons and a “guarantee” of achieving some range of vision for patients with less difficulty than other premium lenses. Visual outcomes in difficult eyes are similar to results seen in virgin eyes.

AcuFocus believes there may be as much as an 11% market share opportunity in the aberrated cornea market.