Advances in Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment


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This week’s OIS Podcast features a compelling panel discussion from the Dry Horizons Symposium co-presented by Ora and OIS, held on May 3 in Seattle. The panel, comprising leading experts in ophthalmology and dry eye research, covered essential topics in the field:

🔹 Advancements in Diagnostics: Insights into new tools and technologies for more accurate and reliable diagnosis of dry eye syndrome.
🔹 Regulatory Challenges: Discussion on the regulatory landscape and the hurdles faced in gaining approval for innovative treatments.
🔹 Artificial Intelligence in Dry Eye Management: Exploration of AI’s potential to transform the management and treatment of dry eye through enhanced diagnostics and personalized care.
🔹 The Quest for a Cure: Perspectives on the ongoing research efforts and the journey toward finding a cure for dry eye syndrome.

Tune in to hear the expert opinions and in-depth analysis shared by the panelists, providing a comprehensive overview of the current state and future directions of dry eye research and treatment.

Dr. Laura Periman:
Dr. Laura Downie:
Dr. David Evans:
Dr. Victor Perez:
Dr. Clark Spring:
Dr. James Wolffsohn: