Aerie Plans Next Step after Rhopressa

Even though its PDUFA date for the glaucoma agent Rhopressa is set for February 2018, Aerie Pharmaceuticals is moving forward on development of its age-related macular degeneration (AMD) candidate AR-13154, COO Tom Mitro said during the Public Device and Biopharma Company Showcase at OIS@AAO 2017. Aerie acquired rights to PRINT technology from Envisia in October, and is focusing on using it to manufacture injectable implants containing AR-13154, its preclinical candidate for AMD. Aerie also acquired ENV1105, Envisia’s preclinical dexamethosone platform for treatment of diabetic macular edema, Mitro added, and is looking to Europe and Japan to expand its clinical path and commercialization strategy. That includes exploring a manufacturing facility in Ireland, he said. Aerie is entering Q4 2017 with $282 million in cash and investments, Mitro stated.