Aerpio Looks to Take Lead Agent Beyond DR

In developing the small-molecule agent AKB-9778 to target the Tie2/VE-PTP pathway, Aerpio president and CEO Joseph Gardner, PhD, said the first-in-class agent that inhibits phosophatase and restores Tie2 function may be “superior” to anti-Ang2 agents targeting retinal diseases. During the Company Showcase 3 session at OIS@AAO 2017, Dr. Gardner noted AKB-9778, self-administered via subcutaneous injection, is the subject of a Phase IIb trial for diabetic retinopathy and is the “least invasive and potentially most effective” approach to activating Tie2. He added that Aerpio holds global rights to its Tie2 technology intellectual property and is investigating other potential applications in diabetic macular edema, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.