AI and Robotics Transforming Retina Medicine with Dr. Rishi Singh and Dr. Michael Singer


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Explore the cutting-edge world of ophthalmology with the Eye on Innovation Podcast. In the latest episode, Carey Powers hosts Dr. Rishi Singh and Dr. Michael Singer as they delve into how AI and robotics are transforming retina medicine, bringing unprecedented changes to diagnosis, clinical trials, and patient care. This insightful discussion provides valuable information for ophthalmologists, researchers, and anyone interested in the future of eye care. Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

🔹 AI in Diagnostics: Learn how AI technology is streamlining and enhancing the accuracy of retina diagnostics through devices like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).
🔹 Robotics in Surgery: Discover the challenges and opportunities of integrating robotics into retinal surgery, and what the future might hold for these advanced surgical techniques.
🔹 Improved Clinical Trials: Find out how AI is enabling better patient selection and more efficient clinical trial processes, leading to potentially better outcomes.
🔹 FDA Regulation: Understand the regulatory landscape and what it means for the adoption of AI and robotics in medical devices.

Don’t miss this episode if you want to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of ophthalmology. Tune in now and be a part of the conversation shaping the future of eye care.

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