Approachable Regenerative Medicine, with Matthias Steger, PhD, Endogena Therapeutics


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Endogena Therapeutics has developed a novel approach to regenerative medicine that’s not only scientifically compelling, but practical.

Endogena’s technology unlocks the body’s own stem cells for controlled tissue repair by small molecules. Its products use a dosing schedule that could move easily into the system already in place for intravitreal injections.

CEO Matthias Steger, PhD, MBA, sat down with retina specialist Firas Rahhal, MD, to discuss the Endogena approach in depth. They also discuss the compelling results seen so far in both animal models and in patients.

The company’s lead candidate is being developed to treat retinitis pigmentosa. The product has received Orphan Drug and Fast Track Designation from the FDA and is moving through Phase IIa clinical trials. Dr. Steger says the company expects to have data to share in early 2024. It’s also submitting an investigational new drug (IND) application for an age-related macular degeneration treatment later this month.

Listen to the podcast today to discover:
• The “serendipitous discoveries” that moved Dr. Steger’s career from applied science to financial analyst to regenerative medicine start-up cofounder.
• The stem cell approach that Dr. Steger and team are applying to Endogena products and how it differs from implanted stem cell programs.
• How Endogena applies its novel drug discovery approach to neurodegenerative retinal disease by rebuilding photoreceptors.
• The type and location of retinal stem cells used for Endogena treatments.
• The types of molecules used to stimulate or induce an effect from the stem cells.
• The incredible results the technology produced in mice—regenerating the outer retinal layer “nearly back to normal” and regenerating the rods and cones.
• The dosing schedule for the RP product and what happens after dosing is complete.
• How Endogena plans to fund its current and upcoming programs. Where has the funding come from to date? And for upcoming clinical trials?

Endogena Therapeutics
Firas Rahhal, MD