The XEN Gel Stent is made of a permanent, soft, collagen-derived, gelatin about 6 mm long. Upon implantation, it creates a gentle, diffuse outflow of aqueous from the anterior chamber into the non-dissected tissue of the subconjunctival space. The ab-interno procedure requires no tissue dissection or suturing.

Although the device creates a bleb, there are not conjunctival incisions.

“It’s strong enough for severe disease, but is safe enough for mild disease,” Bache said. The device bypasses all the potential outflow obstructions and introduces a new, patent outflow pathway.

“One stent is enough to get the desired efficacy,” he said. With 3 years’ data (n=852), pressures were reduced to 13.2 mm Hg, a 40% reduction from best-medicated pressure readings. A study on the latest generation XEN 45 (n=570) resulted in average pressures in the 11-12 mmHg range, with a 40% reduction from best-medicated pressures.

Already approved in Canada and Europe, AqueSys plans to file for U.S. approval late next year.


Bache Ron

Ron Bache

Ron Bache is President and CEO of AqueSys, Inc. AqueSys is a venture capital backed medical device company focused on the development, and commercialization of innovative, safe, and effective implantable devices for the treatment of glaucoma.

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