Aron Shapiro

Aron Shapiro is a Vice President at Ora, Inc., the world’s leading independent, full-service ophthalmic CRO and product development firm. He has served as a member of Ora’s Senior Management Team for the past 15 years.

Aron leads Ora’s business unit that supports clients as they develop products for a number of therapeutic areas including retina, glaucoma, infection, inflammation, and refractive disorders, as well as diagnostic and surgical devices. In this role, Aron represents Ora’s clients at regulatory meetings in the USA, EU, South America, and Asia. His team of scientific experts and clinical operations professionals design and execute ophthalmic development programs around the world.

Aron consults for venture capital investors and strategic acquirers throughout the life cycle of ophthalmic assets. He plays an integral role in pipeline development, indication optimization, repurposing, and market strategy. Aron also serves on the Executive Committee of Ora Investment Group. Mr. Shapiro is widely published and writes a monthly column in Retina Today.