Assort is a surgical management system that has insight, hindsight, and foresight, explained Assort Pty. Ltd.’s CEO Noel Alpins, MD. It can be used to analyze all ophthalmic parameters, including intraocular pressure and visual acuities. Assort uses the Alpins method to plan astigmatism surgery and analyze outcomes. Part of the Assort system, the iAssort software, performs astigmatic analyses using topography and/or wavefront values; it can be installed and used in most corneal topographers. Assort has also developed the astigmatic vector calculator VECTrAK and other online calculators for toric IOL calculation.


Noel Alpins

Noel Alpins

Dr Noel Alpins has been specialising in cataract and refractive surgery since founding NewVision Clinics in Melbourne in 1996. He speaks widely on these topics at national and international meetings.

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