B&L’s Roberts Still Thinks Like a Doctor

Calvin Roberts, MD, CMO at Bausch & Lomb lends his physician’s perspective to how companies like Bausch & Lomb can serve eye care.

Video Highlights
00:42 – I’m always asking what can we do for patient and what can we do for doctors?
01:00 – Think of all the things we do today for doctors that we couldn’t do seven years ago.
01:36 – Ophthalmology is still led by doctors.
02:05 – What did you go to work at Bausch & Lomb.
03:05 – We work hard to bring doctor’s into the discussion.
03:38 – If industry lets the doctor in, it really helps us.
03:54 – Does industry consolidation reverberate in the doctors’ office?
05:15 – Bausch & Lomb operates independently from Valeant?
05:50 – Where do you see Bausch & Lomb going?
07:15 – Going to develop a line of vitreous tools for cataract surgeons
07:50 – Growth in contact lenses.
08:15 – You have to try our multi-focal IOLs.
09:29 – Bausch & Lomb’s work with IBM.

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Calvin Roberts

Calvin W. Roberts, MD

Calvin W. Roberts, MD, is Executive Vice President and the Chief Medical Officer at Bausch + Lomb. A specialist in cataract and refractive surgery, Dr. Roberts is credited with developing surgical therapies, over-the-counter products for vision care, prescription ocular therapeutics, and innovative treatment regimens.

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