C-Suite Quick Takes: Optigo, Revive Biotech, Unity Biotech, and Nanoscope Therapeutics


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OIS Podcast host Carey Powers caught up with four ophthalmology execs and one principal investigator to talk about some of the most exciting developments in retina R&D.

Her guests include:

• Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD, Cofounder and Chief Medical Officer of Optigo Biotherapeutics
• Michael Tsipursky, MD, CEO and Cofounder of Revive Biotech
• Michael Singer, MD, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at University of Texas Health Science Center, Director of Clinical Research at Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates, and Principal Investigator for Unity Biotechnology’s BEHOLD trial
• Samarendra Mohanty, PhD, President and Cofounder; and Sulagna Bhattacharya, CEO and Cofounder of Nanoscope Therapeutics

Optigo is developing binders intended to extend the duration of top-performing intravitreal drugs without compromising efficacy. The company has already had promising results in clinical trials with aflibercept. What’s next?

Revive Biotech focuses on central retinal artery occlusion. Its products work by injecting oxygen-loaded nanobubbles into the eye intravitreally. Preclinical studies have advanced through proof of concept. Nanobubbles?

Dr. Singer is a principal investigator in Unity Biotechnology’s clinical trial for UBX-1325, a therapeutic in development to treat diabetic macular edema and wet AMD. If approved, the product could work as an adjunct to anti-VEGF therapies.

Nanoscope Therapeutics is developing gene therapies that focus on ambient light-sensitive molecules to treat inherited and acquired retinal diseases. Its lead product, MCO-010, is moving through Phase II trials. Why ambient light?

Tune in to hear today’s experts discuss:

• How Optigo plans to extend the duration of aflibercept
• The impact of extending duration activity on patients, physicians, and payers
• What Optigo plans to accomplish over the next 12 months
• What’s behind Revive Biotech’s proprietary technology and what makes it unique.
• The milestones it has completed so far with relation to clinical trials, intellectual property, and funding
• The new class of therapeutics being developed by Unity Biotechnology
• The data released so far on the UBX-1325 BEHOLD trial
• If approved, the impact of UBX-1325—an agent that may potentially extend the life of anti-VEGF therapies—on clinical practice
• The potential impact of Nanoscope Therapeutics’s MCO-010 on patient communities
• The feedback reported from clinical trial participants
• The critical milestones Nanoscope Therapeutics intends to achieve over the next year

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Optigo Biotherapeutics: https://www.optigobio.com
Revive Biotech: https://revivebiotech.com
Medical Center Ophthalmology: https://mcoaeyecare.com
Unity Biotechnology: https://unitybiotechnology.com
Nanoscope Therapeutics: https://nanostherapeutics.com
Carey Powers: ois.net/carey-powers

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