CEO John Hendrick on Zepto’s Fast Development

Mynosys Cellular Devices is developing Zepto, a disposable device, used in cataract surgery that uses precision pulse technology. The company notes the device is accurate and creates a reproducible capsulotomy that is quick, safe, and affordable. Zepto consists of a silicon suction cup, a nitinol capsulotomy cutting element and an incision finder/push-rod system.

01:00 – The origin of the Zepto name.
01:19 – It can be used in every other cataract procedure.
01:43 – Zepto offers unique intraoperative tool.
02:20 – Where is Zepto in development.
02:40 – How do you swing a four-week clinical trial?
03:10 – What does Zepto deliver to the surgeon and patient?
03:50 – Do you need capital?

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John Hendrick

Mr. Hendrick has over three decades of executive experience, building both early stage medical device companies as well as large divisions in Medical device Corporations.

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