CEO Quick Takes: OIS Catches Up with OcuTerra, Neurotech, Notal Vision, and InFocus Clinical Research


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OIS Podcast host Carey Powers speaks with four CEOs from leading retina-focus companies to talk about all things innovation. Her guests include:

• Kerrie Brady, BPharm, CEO of OcuTerra Therapeutics
• Rich Small, CEO of Neurotech Pharmaceuticals
• Kester Nahen, PhD, CEO of Notal Vision
• Brad Doerschuk, CEO of InFocus Clinical Research

OcuTerra is developing OTT166, a novel small molecule designed to treat diabetic retinopathy.
The product is getting attention because it can deliver product to the retina via an eye drop application, said Kerrie Brady, BPharm, CEO of OcuTerra.

The company has completed enrollment for a Phase II trial in 225 patients with diabetic retinopathy. They hope to have topline results in early 2024.

Next up: Rich Small, CEO of Neurotech Pharmaceuticals. The company’s Encapsulated Cell Therapy (ECT) technology enables continuous production of therapeutic proteins to the eye.

ECT is central to NT-501, a product being developed to treat macular telangiectasia (MacTel) as well as glaucoma.

Third in line: Kester Nahen, PhD, CEO of Notal Vision. Notal Vision provides remote patient monitoring services for patients with retinal diseases. Its teleconnected devices use AI and analytics to give physicians insight into retinal activity in between patient visits. The company is also developing a home OCT device that has received Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA.

Brad Doerschuk, CEO of InFocus Clinical Research, closes out the podcast by discussing the value of contracting with a specialist. He says InFocus is the first and only retina specialty CRO. The depth of ophthalmology expertise at the organization is hard to find, he says, and it enables the company to offer comprehensive, high-touch services to its clients.

Other topics covered on today’s episode include:

• The mechanism of action of OcuTerra’s OTT166
• The opportunities that arise from a noninvasive local therapy and how this type of therapy could transform the standard of care.
• How Neurotech’s ECT platform delivers proteins to the back of the eye.
• Details on NT-501’s Phase II and III studies.
• What 10 years of real-world data revealed about patients that use Notal Vision’s ForeseeHome.
• How Notal Vision’s Home OCT is helping clinical trial investigators.
• How Home OCT aids long-term treatment.
• What sets InFocus Clinical apart from other CROs that run ophthalmology studies.
• The latest additions to InFocus Clinical’s partnership program

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