CEO Sean Ianchulev Shares Eyenovia’s Plans to Replace Eye Drops with New Microdosing Technology

CEO Sean Ianchulev Shares Eyenovia's Plans to Replace Eye Drops with New Microdosing Technology

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The last time we connected with Sean Ianchulev, MD, MPH, he shared Transcend’s ultimately winning story. Now, he’s the CEO and CMO of Eyenovia, a four-year-old company that’s developing a line of therapeutics for Glaucoma, Dry Eye, Mydriasis, and Myopia. The company says its high-precision microdosing can deliver smaller doses with greater effect by uniformly coating the corneal surface rather than the conjunctiva to reduce collateral tissue exposure and focus on the cornea where 80% of intraocular drug penetration occurs. By reformulating generic compounds like latanaprost into microdose versions, Eyenovia is advancing its two lead assets for glaucoma and mydriasis into Phase III clinical programs and preparing registration studies for a third OTC product for dry eye. Eyenovia is expected to complete all three development programs through registration by 2020. The company’s delivery device also is able to track dosages, giving patients, physicians, and caregivers the ability to closely track when these therapies are delivered.