Changing the Glaucoma Monitoring Paradigm, with Max Ostermeier, Implandata Ophthalmic Products


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Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is the only modifiable risk factor for glaucoma. The more IOP data, the better physicians can evaluate treatment impact, which is critical to preserving vision.

Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH developed the eyemate® technology platform to fill that need. The implantable sensor, powered and read by a hand-held device, allows physicians to monitor IOP between visits.

Implandata CEO and cofounder, Max Ostermeier, discussed the technology and the gap it fills with glaucoma specialist and OIS podcast host Rob Rothman, MD. Better IOP monitoring, they argue, can help change the paradigm of patient care.

Listen to the podcast today to discover:

• How the eyemate system works and how it may help glaucoma patients, including those with low-tension glaucoma.
• A deeper dive into eyemate study results, which includes 10 years of in vivo data.
• Implandata’s near-term plans for developing eyemate further, including miniaturizing the sensors and potentially combining it with other therapeutic devices.
• Implandata’s plans to bring the CE-marked eyemate system to the U.S. market.
• How Ostermeier made the transition from a finance executive to founding and leading medical device start-ups. Plus, the value of gained from his mentors.
• More on Ostermeier’s career and how it led to Implandata.

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