Christian Roesky’s and Novaliq’s Quest for a Long-Lasting Dry Eye Therapy


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It started with a call.

First, a call from Abbott led Christian Roesky to an industry role after completing his chemistry PhD in Germany. Next, came the call that would shape Roesky’s career—from Alcon, where he discovered eye care was his “everyday joy and passion.”

The most pivotal call, however, came from Novaliq founder Bernhard Günther, who convinced Roesky to take his emerging startup to the next level.

As managing director and CEO, Roesky has led Novaliq through development of a novel pipeline. Most notably, NOV03 (perfluorohexyloctane), a therapy designed to treat dry eye disease caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction, has delivered what OIS Podcast host Paul Karpecki, OD, calls the “most impressive dry eye Phase III data I’ve ever seen.”

In a single study, NOV03 met its two primary endpoints: total corneal fluorescein staining and visual analog scale dryness score at day 57. Its novel mode of action lies in EyeSol, a water-free solution that overcomes many of the limitations of existing therapies. The product protects evaporation for hours and has the ability to penetrate the Meibomian gland, possibly improving its function.

Novaliq plans to submit data for Food and Drug Administration approval by July. Bausch + Lomb will manufacture and distribute the product in the US.

Novaliq also plans to submit a New Drug Application (NDA) to the FDA in July for the anti-inflammatory CyclASol.

Listen to the podcast today to hear more about:
• The potential of a water-free therapy for dry eye disease.
• Why Novaliq decided to license NOV03 to Bausch + Lomb.
• How CyclASol, which contains cyclosporine, differs from existing products.
• What’s next for Novaliq after a hectic 2022.
• How Roesky broke the family tradition of academic chemistry.

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