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Historically, IOL power formulations are good for average refractive outcomes, but poor for predicting an individual’s refractive outcome. The Mirricon may overcome those issues.

The ocular biometer for high-performance IOL power calculations provides “results at the push of a button assuring convenience and easy decisions without great expertise and experience,” Mrochen said.

An ongoing proof of concept study should show the device’s ability to improve the refractive predictability of cataract surgery by eliminating refractive outliers. Mirricon is “one solution for all kinds of eyes,” further eliminating the need for surgeons to use a multitude of IOL calculators and overcoming the need for pre-LASIK data, Mrochen said.

The device measures the corneal surface (front and back), the lens surfaces (front and back) and the axial length. It deduces the refractive index of each medium too and all assumptions are basically removed; the eye model is ray-traced to provide surgeons with “the most accurate IOL power information available preoperatively.”


Michael Mrochen

Michael Mrochen, PhD

Michael Mrochen, PhD co-founded ClearSight Innovations in 2013. He is responsible for the product development as CTO.

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