Competition, in Name Only

When OIS began 11 years ago, there was nothing like it. We created a unique meeting that catered to industry while others were CME focused. Our mission to unite entrepreneurs, investors, industry executives and clinical KOLs to collaborate on new ophthalmic innovations became an instant success. OIS rapidly gained momentum and spun out more focused meetings on the anterior segment, retina, and more recently, optometry (which didn’t sit well with the Academy). Our model of preceding the clinical organizations was intended to complement their programs by addressing the business side of ophthalmology. The sole reason we preceded the clinical conferences was to complement their medical programs with our business-focused agenda.

For 10 years they praised and thanked us. So, you can imagine that the recently announced joint initiative between AAO and ASCRS, attempting to replicate and eliminate OIS, came as quite a surprise (and disappointment). We could speculate on a whole host of reasons why but the higher road beckons. Just rest assured that the same ingenuity which conceptualized, launched and grew OIS into a franchise will keep us two steps ahead of the competition.

Stay tuned as we ramp up and expand OIS for 2020!

Craig Simak
CEO – Healthegy and Co-Founder – Ophthalmology Innovation Summit