Dale Wiggins

Dale Wiggins is Vice President and General Manager of the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform. The HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP) is the center for first time right cloud expertise and regulatory compliant cloud infrastructure and platform as a service. HSDP provides Philips and its partners the cloud expertise and capabilities to connect devices, collect electronic health data, aggregate and store data securely, analyze data and create consumer and healthcare solutions on the cloud.

Previously, Dale was General Manager of Philips Research North America, leading the laboratory contributing to global research programs in the fields of healthcare and lighting. Prior to Research, Dale was Vice President of Technology for the Philips Healthcare Patient Care and Clinical Informatics business group. He focused on driving strategic technology plans across the businesses and oversaw activities related to several principal healthcare industry themes including systems integration within the hospital enterprise architecture, clinical decision support, interoperability standards, and outcomes improvement studies and other clinical research.

Dale joined Philips in 2001 from Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies where he held various management, architecture, and engineering positions in research and development. Dale holds BS and MS degrees in Computer and Systems Engineering.