Dave Gibson

Dave Gibson joined Allergan in 2000 and serves as Associate Vice President, Customer Development and Consumer Eye Care for Allergan’s U.S. Eye Care business. For the past 10 years, Dave has worked closely with many optometric KOLs to understand and spearheaded Allergan’s engagement with optometry. Under Dave’s leadership, Allergan has launched several innovative programs specific to optometry, including Allergan’s Academic Partnership program, Allergan’s OPTOMETRY JUMPSTART program for new optometry graduates, Allergan’s Key Account partnership program and Allergan’s Pathways in Medical Management Bootcamp programs to help ODs grow the medical side of their practice. In addition to expanding Allergan’s efforts and relationships with optometric state affiliates across the country, Dave was instrumental in Allergan doubling their salesforce outreach to optometrists. In addition to his focus on optometry, Dave also leads Allergan’s OTC business with REFRESH Artificial Tears. Dave is excited to continue to expand the REFRESH business through multiple innovative product launches and is always searching for new opportunities to broaden the leading portfolio.