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DigiSight Technologies announced at OIS@AAO 2015 that it was launching its Paxos product suite that combines its mobile vision assessment tool, ophthalmic imaging system and analytics software into a vertically integrated data management system.

“When you put these devices into patients’ homes, for the first time you can access the vast majority of patient data that the system is not currently collecting,” CEO Doug Foster said. “If you rely on in-office data alone, you’re really only getting a small piece of the picture in terms of how that patient is doing.”

Goldman Sachs has estimated that remote patient monitoring will be a $15 billion industry by 2020 and create $200 billion in savings to the healthcare system, Foster said. With 135 million vision-impaired patients globally and 30 million-plus in the United States, the potential is obvious Foster said.

Paxos integrates the Checkup home monitoring tool that features 10 standard functional tests and two anatomical tests; the Scope mobile imaging system for anterior and posterior segment; and Analytics with real-time outcomes reporting. Analytics data can be analyzed for individual patients or clinical trials.

Analytics can provide pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a “granular” view of patient responses to treatments, and enable the clinician to monitor and engage patients between office visits, Foster said.



Doug Foster

Doug Foster is CEO of DigiSight Technologies. He has over 15 years experience identifying and developing technologies for the healthcare industry.

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