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Dirk Muellhoff

Dirk Müehlhoff

VP, Refractive Laser

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG


Dirk Müehlhoff is Vice President for the Refractive Laser Business within Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena, Germany. He received his diploma in Physics in 1996 from the University of Aachen, Germany. His major was Laser Physics. In 2008 he also received an MBA degree from the University of Augsburg, Germany. In 1996 he joined Carl Zeiss’ Corporate Research & Technology Center where he contributed as a project manager to innovations in the areas of laser scanning ophthalmoscopy and microscopy. In 2002 he joined the Medical Business Group as a project manager and later as Director of R&D Refractive Lasers to develop SMILE technology. In 2010 he was appointed to lead the global Refractive Laser Business.


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