Dirk Sauer Oversees Novartis’ Promising & Productive Ophthalmic Pipeline

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As Global Head of Development Franchise Ophthalmics at Novartis, Dirk Sauer has overseen the development of Novartis’ blockbuster Lucentis. Now, his focus is on the pharmaceutical giant’s pipeline of retina compounds, including many in the early stages. Hear how Sauer views innovation, both inside and outside of Novartis.

Podcast Guest

Dirk Sauer

Dirk Sauer, PhD

Dirk has more than 25 years of experience in Research and Development and successfully led numerous projects during all phases of the drug development process. Dirk joined Novartis in 1989 and subsequently held various positions of increasing responsibilities within preclinical research, clinical research and project management working on acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases as well as diseases of the retina.

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