Eleven’s Celniker Talks Leadership, Public Markets & Phase III Dry Eye Trials

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Eleven Biotherapeutics capitalized on exciting technology and promising clinical results for its lead dry eye product to stage a successful IPO in 2014. Abbie C. Celniker, PhD, President and CEO, talks frankly about her leadership style, dealing with public investors and how she’s managing high expectations for lead product EBI-005.

Podcast Guest


Abbie C. Celniker, PhD

Dr. Celniker brings more than 20 years of proven protein therapeutic expertise to Eleven Biotherapeutics. Prior to joining Eleven, Abbie was CEO of Taligen Therapeutics, which was acquired by Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Taligen, Dr. Celniker was Global Head of Biologics at Novartis.

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