Empathy in Action: Ellen Gould’s Inspiring Journey


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In the latest episode of the OIS podcast, host Dr. Rob Rothman delves into the transformative power of empathy with multi-Emmy award-winning actress and writer, Ellen Gould. Together, they explore the intersection of healthcare and storytelling, shedding light on the importance of patient-centered care and authentic narrative representation.
Episode Highlights:
🔹 Personal Journey: Ellen shares her journey living with Stargardt’s disease and its profound influence on her perspective and creative endeavors.
🔹 Adversity to Opportunity: Discover how Ellen turned personal challenges into opportunities for artistic expression and meaningful storytelling.
🔹 “Seeing Stars” Project: Get an inside look at Ellen’s groundbreaking project, which amplifies the voices and experiences of individuals with visual disabilities.
🔹 Authentic Storytelling: Rob and Ellen discuss the importance of authentic storytelling in portraying the real-life challenges and triumphs of people with disabilities.
🔹 Future Outlook: Hear about Ellen’s plans for the future and the ongoing impact of her work in promoting empathy and understanding.

Tune in to this inspiring episode as Rob and Ellen celebrate resilience, compassion, and the power of empathy in action. Join the conversation and let empathy guide your journey towards connection and understanding.

“SEEING STARS is seeking tax deductible donations to support the next critical stage of filming, projected to begin late 2024.

Having secured more than half of its funding and with its soundtrack now complete (played by some of Broadway’s finest musicians), SEEING STARS is targeted for distribution to public broadcasting stations nationwide and available on PBS and Public Media platforms, where Ellen’s previous Emmy Award winning stage to film project was aired.

With such broad-based media distribution, this first film focusing on the invisible disability of legal blindness will be able to reach the growing millions grappling with partial vision and educate viewers across the socio-economic spectrum about early onset retinal disease – encouraging support for research and opening avenues to diagnosis and resources to all families wrestling with limited vision.”

If you are considering support of SEEING STARS … or have any questions about the production, please contact Ellen directly at: Ellen.seeingstars@gmail.com

For a glimpse behind the scenes:
S E E I N G S T A R S – a film with vision

Dr. Robert Rothman: https://ois.net/robert-rothman-md/
Ellen Gould: https://www.ellengould.org/