Expanding Access to Retina Care and Treatment, with Raj Agrawal, MD


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If you were to rank retina specialists by number of patients treated, Raj Agrawal, MD, CEO and president of Retina Global, the worldwide medical mission organization bringing retina care to underserved populations, would no doubt rank in the Top 10. Practicing in India, Hong Kong, South America, Africa, the Bahamas, and the US, Dr. Agrawal has managed caseloads of around 100 patients per day.

Today, as VP of clinical development, ophthalmology lead, for the clinical-stage biopharma Rezolute, Dr. Agrawal leads development of RZ-402, a noninvasive treatment for diabetic macular edema (DME) that has the potential to prevent disease progression in a growing patient population.

Rezolute announced promising Phase I study results for RZ-402 earlier this year. The company plans to launch a Phase II proof-of-concept study in Q4.

If approved, RZ-402 also may have indications beyond DME, providing early intervention for indications such as non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and vasculitis. The product could be approved as a standalone treatment or as part of a combination therapy.

At Retina Global, Dr. Agrawal leads a nonprofit dedicated to providing retina disease screening and treatment to people in underserved regions. The organization also promotes sustainability by training young eye doctors in these areas.

Join podcast host Firas Rahhal, MD for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Agrawal. Together, they discuss:
• Dr. Agrawal’s global background and why he transitioned from the clinic to industry.
• What it’s like to be a retina specialist in India.
• Details on RZ-402 study results and its mechanism of action.
• The advantages of a plasma kallikrein inhibitor compared to an anti-vascular endothelium growth factor agent.
• The how and why behind Rezolute’s decision to go public.
• The history of Retina Global and its mission to treat patients in Africa, South America, and other underserved regions with no access to retina care.

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