Exploring the Future of Corneal Crosslinking Technology with Dr. Deepinder Dhaliwal


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In this episode of Eye on Innovation Podcast, Carey Powers delves into the latest advancements in corneal crosslinking technology with expert guest Dr. Deepinder Dhaliwal. Dr. Dhaliwal, a renowned professor of ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and director of refractive surgery at the UPMC Vision Institute, shares her extensive knowledge and insights. Here’s what you can expect:

🔹 Prevalence of Keratoconus: Discover how improved diagnostic imaging has revealed a higher prevalence of keratoconus than previously thought, affecting 1.2% of 20-year-olds.
🔹 Current Standard of Care: Learn about the FDA-approved epithelium-off crosslinking procedure and its role in treating progressive keratoconus in the U.S.
🔹 Unmet Needs in Treatment: Understand the challenges of current crosslinking procedures, including patient discomfort, long recovery times, and the need for safer, faster options.
🔹 Innovative Solutions: Get insights into upcoming advancements like epithelium-on crosslinking, which promises quicker recovery and fewer side effects.
🔹 Future Directions: Hear about the potential for custom crosslinking procedures and the exciting work being done in the field to stabilize even very thin corneas.
🔹 Early Detection: Explore the importance of early keratoconus detection through corneal tomography and the potential role of AI in identifying at-risk patients sooner.

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest innovations and future possibilities in corneal crosslinking technology. Don’t miss this insightful conversation!

Carey Powers: https://ois.net/carey-powers/
Dr. Deepinder Dhaliwal: https://providers.upmc.com/provider/Deepinder+K.+Dhaliwal/1323101