ForSight VISION5

Dedicated to solving compliance problems with ophthalmic medications, ForSight VISION5 has developed Helios, a non-invasive, sustained-release drug delivery system that remains in place for 6 months. Final data from a phase 2 study is expected by the end of the year, with plans in place for a phase 3 study in Q1 2016, and a targeted NDA in 2018.

More than 50% of patients stop fulfilling prostaglandin prescriptions after the first year, with 60% citing an inability to self-administer.

A survey of eye care professionals indicated more than 70% would prescribe this product to known non-compliant patients, but almost 50% would prescribe the product to compliant patients.

Helios diffuses the prostaglandin through a polymer and releases it into the tear film. The tear film then diffuses through the cornea and sclera.

The company is also developing the insert for dry eye and ocular allergy.


John Maroney

John Maroney

John was a full-time member of the Delphi Ventures investment team for over ten years, where he focused on early stage medical device investments and continues his board of directors relationship with one of the Delphi Ventures portfolio companies.

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