M. Francesca Cordeiro, MD, PhD

Professor M Francesca Cordeiro, is a clinician-scientist, Chair of Ophthalmology Imperial College London, UCL Professor of Glaucoma and Retinal Neurodegeneration, Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist/Research Lead and Director of Clincial Trials Unit at the Western Eye Hospital London. Her research mainly funded through the Wellcome Trust, focuses on molecular mechanisms in either the treatment or pathogenesis of retinal neurodegenerative diseases, including glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerois and diabetes, and novel and translational approaches to these problems. She has received a number of international awards for this work, including the Lewis Rudin Glaucoma Prize 2005, RPNIR Research Scholar Award USA 2015. She serves on a number of international committees including ARVO, EGS, EVICRnet, COphy and EVER, and is on the Editorial Board of various journals including IOVS, ExpEyeResearch.