Frinzi Shares a Bit of His Plans for AMO

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Following his successful exit from WaveTec, Tom Frinzi joined Abbott as a senior vice president and head of AMO. In this exclusive interview with OIS, Frinzi shares his motivations and what he’d like to see AMO become.

10 Top Topics in this OIS Podcast:

  1. Ophthalmology is in his DNA.
  2. Spent half his career in large companies.
  3. We need a steady cadence of new product introductions.
  4. Fan of high performance management.
  5. What is the process?
  6. What will we see down the road?
  7. Will you favor external acquisitions over internal development?
  8. How can you partner with ophthalmologists beyond technology?
  9. What is AMO University?
  10. Will he be a Master of the Universe?

Podcast Guest

Tom Frinzi

Tom Frinzi

Thomas Frinzi is Senior Vice President of Abbott’s vision business, which includes a broad ophthalmology portfolio across the areas of cataracts, refractive surgery (LASIK) and eye health products. Prior to joining Abbott, Mr. Frinzi held a number of leadership positions in ophthalmology and medical device companies.

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