Glaukos Transitioning to Hybrid Pharma/Device Company

Five years out from Food and Drug Administration approval of its flagship iStent micro-invasive insert for treatment of glaucoma, Glaukos is now transitioning into a hybrid pharma/device company with micro-scale flow, sustained pharmaceutical and biosensor platforms, CFO and senior VP Joe Gilliam reported at the OIS@AAO 2017 Public Device and Biopharma Company Showcase. The company’s strategy includes growing US adoption of its micro-invasive technology, building out the pipeline of its iStent and travoprost iDose drug-delivery systems, and extending its global reach into high-value international markets, Gilliam said. To that end, he noted that more than 300,000 iStents have been implanted globally, that 15 countries now have direct Glaukos sales operations, and that Glaukos holds more than 200 patents and has four new products in FDA review.