Google Eyes Ophthalmology

Google and Alcon executives shared the stage to answer some questions about thier unique partnership. Alcon executives Laurent Attias, Head, Global Commercial Strategy and Franck Leveiller, PhD, VP, Head of Research & Development Vision Care and Brian P. Otis, PhD, founder of the Smart Contact LensProject at Google X answered questions from OIS Co-Chair Gil Kliman. The trio discussed the project’s origins and potential outcomes of the partnership between the two companies. Initially, they hope to develop a contact lens capable of measuring the wearer’s glucose levels but future applications are even bolder.



Gilbert H. Kliman, MD

Dr. Gil Kliman leads the medical device investment team at InterWest Partners and invests in a broad array of healthcare opportunities, with a special interest in ophthalmology and digital health.

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Brian P. Otis, PhD

Brian P. Otis, PhD

Dr. Brian Otis is the founder of Google [x]’s smart contact lens project. He received a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a MS and PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Frank Leveiller

Franck Leveiller, PhD

Franck Leveiller was appointed on June 1, 2015 Head, R&D Surgical Franchise at Alcon. He is also leading and overseeing Alcon’s strategic collaboration with Google[x] to develop the smart lens technology.

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Laurent Attias

Laurent Attias is Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy, BD&L and M&A. In this role, Mr. Attias leads the development of Alcon’s long-term strategic plan.

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