How Digital Innovation is Advancing Ophthalmology


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Host Carey Powers caught up with two digital health experts right after the Digital Ophthalmic Society (DOS) Digital Day program at the recent ASCRS conference in San Diego, California: Ranya Habash, MD, cofounder of MetaMed, DOS board member, and CEO of LifeLong Vision SPAC; and David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Healthcare at Microsoft.

On today’s podcast, the two thought leaders gave a quick recap of Digital Day before diving into how physicians can actually use digital tools in the “real world.”

Dr. Habash and Rhew first discussed the promise of augmented and virtual reality and the metaverse, clearing up a common misconception: you don’t need a fancy headset to experience immersive technology.

During MetaMed’s first-ever live-streamed 3D surgery in the metaverse, for example, doctors joined from their laptops and smartphones. That they could illustrates the potential to democratize advanced technology.

Later, the conversation flowed to workflows. For ophthalmologists to use these tools consistently, they must be workflow compatible, Rhew said. They must save time, not add time.

One use case: imagine if an AI-based tool could analyze images and automatically move abnormal screenings to the top of the inbox. How much time would that save?

New technology can also save patients time, while allowing more of them to get access to necessary screenings. Healthcare practices saw this with telehealth during the pandemic. How else can we leverage technology to bring quality care to more people?

Listen to the podcast today to hear our experts address the following:

• What innovations are the ophthalmology community most excited about?
• What were some of the top concerns raised about ophthalmic technology?
• What was it like to experience the first live-streamed surgery in the metaverse?
• How can surgeons leverage this type of technology?
• What are the barriers holding back many ophthalmologists from benefitting from new technology?
• How do physicians get started using generative AI and other new technologies?
• What makes ophthalmology an idea therapeutic area for exploring new technology?
• How can digital technology help improve health equity?
• How can digital technology help improve clinical trial recruitment and enrollment?

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The first live-streamed 3D surgery in the metaverse: