How to Achieve Commercial Success With a New Ophthalmology Product


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Identifying MDs and ODs is but one of many activities involved in developing a commercial launch strategy. To execute that launch according to targets requires strong data, effective messaging, thoughtful strategy, and luck.

According to a ZS analysis, out of 30 emerging pharma first launches from 2019 through 2021, only four met expectations.

At the OIS XII panel “Maximizing OD/MD Market Potential and How to Achieve Commercial Success With a New Product,”
a group of commercialization experts discussed what it takes to get a product to market and meet analysts’ expectations. Robert J. Dempsey, MBA, CEO and president of AsclepiX Therapeutics, moderated the panel.

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, for example, is launching TP-03, which would be the first approved treatment for Demodex blepharitis, a disease of Demodex mites infesting the eyelids. It affects about 25 million people. Tarsus Chief Commercial Officer Aziz Mottiwala said education and thoughtful patient identification are key elements of Tarsus’ strategy.

Education also plays a role when meeting with payers. Oyster Point Pharma president and CEO Jeffrey Nau, PhD, MMS, said ophthalmology companies must present a strong scientific story well before a product goes to market. Tony Tipton, COO of Xequel Bio, agreed, noting companies must also stay strong in their belief in the product and its value.

Listen to the podcast today to hear this expert panel discuss:
• How they approach conversations among payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and MDs and ODs.
• How key opinion leader relationships have shifted over the past 10 years.
• Precommercial strategies for a new company with a new launch.
• Strategies for navigating the payer space.
• Obstacles and opportunities in pre-launch.
• Key performance indicators for measuring the early success of a commercial launch.

Also participating on the panel was Carey Powers, global head of corporate marketing, Avellino Lab USA.

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