IBMD Strives for Femto-like Capsulotomies Without the Cost

International Biomedical Devices (IBMD) is in preclinical investigation of its ApertureCTC precision capsulotomy device designed to achieve laser-like precision outcomes in cataract surgery, Chief Medical Officer Mark Packer, MD, reported at OIS@ASCRS 2016.

The concept, Dr. Packer said, is to prevent “the heart-stopping capsulorhexis” while overcoming the challenges of “pricey” femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, thus widening its acceptance.

“So we have the vast number of cases where we’d like to get femtosecond-like outcomes but really can’t afford to do that,” he said.

ApertureCTC uses a 2.2-mm clear-corneal incision approach that applies thermal energy in milliseconds to melt the collagen of the capsule and create a “perfectly circular” capsulotomy, Dr. Packer said. The device has been tested in pig eyes, making capsulotomies of 5.25 mm in diameter.

It leaves a rolled, not cut, capsulotomy edge, Dr. Packer explained. “So I think the strength is even enhanced over manual capsulorhexis, which is something we never expected.”

The stand-alone unit may eventually be incorporated into existing phacoemulsification platforms. “Believe me, once these devices are in the resident programs, capsulorhexis will become a lost art, much like suturing the extra-capsular cataract wound did,” he said.

Dr. Packer noted the company was started by an experienced executive team of Steve Bryant, former Chiron senior vice president, to serve as CEO; Manuel Rodriguez, formerly vice president with Surgical Specialties and Angiotech, to direct marketing; and Chip Furniss, formerly of Alcon and Bausch + Lomb, to serve as vice president of R&D and clinical and regulatory affairs.


Mark Packer

Mark Packer, MD

Dr. Mark Packer is IBMD’s Chief Medical Officer and is recognized internationally as a leader in cataract and refractive lens surgery.

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