InnFocus’ Trenary Discusses New Funding, Timeline

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InnFocus CEO Russ Trenary participated in our Glaucoma section of OIS@ASCRS. We caught up with him in the hallways to discuss his company’s success. He’s also been a guest on our OIS Podcast.

Video Highlights:
00:30 – How much did InnFocus raise and who were investors?
00:57 – How difficult was fund-raising?
01:20 – The data we were able to show was so compelling.
01:49 – No matter what amount of IOP a patient has we’re going to get the patient below 15 mm of mercury.
2:37 – There is no device out there that is lowering pressure as much as we are.
2:46 – What are the clinical trial plans?
3:40 – When do you hope to have FDA approval?
4:10 – Will you need more capital to finish the job?

Speaking With:

Russel Trenary

Russell Trenary

Russ Trenary is President & CEO for InnFocus, Inc., an early stage company pioneering a microsurgical solution for glaucoma. He has led, or been a named officer, for medical device companies, for over 20 years.

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