Investing in the Future of Ophthalmology


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This week we’re bringing you a unique discussion that marries investments in life sciences and the field of ophthalmology. Host Firas Rahhal, MD, and guests Rob Rothman, MD, and Ron Weiss, MD, connect to discuss how the two areas of interest converge in a symbiotic relationship that helps keep innovation at the forefront of ophthalmology.

Robert Rothman, MD, Partner at OCLI/Glaucoma Consultants of Long Island Founding Partner and Principal of InFocus Capital Partners
Ron Weiss, MD, Managing Partner at InFocus Capital/Founder Partner at Chicago Eye Consultants

Firas M. Rahhal, MD, Partner, Retina Vitreous Associates and Exsight Ventures/Associate Clinical Professor, UCLA, CEO & Founder of Visionary Eye Institute/General Partner, and Co-Founder of Visionary Ventures Fund