Ronen Castro, CEO of Israeli company IOPtima Ltd., introduced the CLASS (CO2 Laser-Assisted Sclerectomy Surgery) procedure for glaucoma, which has results comparable to trabeculectomy, but is non-invasive. This was the company’s first year for commercial activity. In March it secured CFDA approval in China, and in the fourth quarter of this year it begins initial sales in Asia and EU countries. In Q2 2015 it expects to secure regulatory approvals in Canada, Taiwan, and other territories. IOPtima is now installing its first systems, and expects significant ramp up in commercial activity next year.


Ronen Castro

Ronen Castro

Ronen Castro is a seasoned medical device professional with 19 years of vast experience in the medical device industry. For the last 3 years prior to joining IOPtima, he was the CEO of Allium Medical Solutions (TASE:ALMD), a manufacturer of various MIS products.

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