Jade Therapeutics

Jade’s proprietary, cross-linked, bioerodable hydrogel technology can be used alone as an ocular lubricant, or as a sustained-release vehicle for either anterior or posterior segments. The thiolated carboxymethyl HA (CMHA-S) is “an improved version of the hyaluronic acid (HA) products on the market today for dry eye,” Klausner said.

The technology can be produced as a drop, injectable gel, or a “floppy film that can be made into strips for placement under the eyelid,” he said. Both the dry eye and injectable gel formulations are already marketed for veterinary use, and Jade has a Department of Defense grant to develop an ocular surface bandage. Data on intravitreal use in non-human primates shows 4 months’ stability. A masked dog study in dry eye showed an improved profile vs. HA. First human trials with the lubricant are expected to begin this summer, and it will have the CE Mark in Europe.


Arthur Klausner

Arthur Klausner, MBA

Mr. Klausner has more than two decades of experience working with early-stage life sciences companies, most of this time having been spent as a Partner at the venture capital firms Domain Associates and Pappas Ventures.

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