Kala Pharmaceuticals Offers Glimpse Into Preclinical Pipeline

Kala Pharmaceutical Inc. is moving its proprietary Lotoprednol Etaobnate Mucus Penetrating Particle (LE-MPP) platform through a host of trials, Interim President and CBO Charlie McDermott reported. Animal investigations showed that LE-MPP retained approximately 10 times the concentration of the agent on the ocular surface at one hour than either lotoprednol etabonate nanoparticle or suspension alone, McDermott said. Additionally, early animal studies of topical dosing of 1% LE-MPP showed concentrations in the retina after two hours, supporting the rationale for a DME trial, McDermott added.


McDermott, Charlie

Charlie McDermott

Mr. McDermott has 20 years of operating experience in the biotechnology and ophthalmology industries and currently serves as Kala’s Interim President and CBO.

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