Kester Nahen, PhD

Kester Nahen is a medical device industry executive with over 15 years of business experience. From 2001 to 2006 Kester Nahen worked at Lasercope Inc., a Silicon Valley based medical laser company. During his tenure he served as VP of Professional Education, Clinical Applications and later VP of Application Research. Kester Nahen was member of the AMS/Laserscope merger executive team culminating in selling Laserscope. In 2006 Kester Nahen joint ophthalmic diagnostic device manufacturer Heidelberg Engineering GmbH in Heidelberg Germany as VP of Global Marketing and Business Development. In 2013 Kester Nahen was named Managing Director of Heidelberg Engineering GmbH. He serves on the board of Heidelberg Engineering Inc. since 2015. Kester Nahen received his PhD in Physics from the Medical University of Luebeck, Germany.