LacriScience Enters Next Chapter

Chris D. Geddes, Ph.D, and Paul Gavaris of LacriScience share the prototype of the
LacriPen, a handheld, portable, diagnostic tool that measures osmolarity to within 2 mOsml and can detect other viruses and bacteria including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

00:24 – “This has been a pivotal moment.”
00:53 – “We’ve had a lot of traction in the meeting today.”
1:00 – What is the LacriPen?
1:24 – What is next for LacriScience?

Speaking With:

Chris Edeems

Chris Geddes

Dr Chris D. Geddes, PhD, FRSC, Professor and Serial Entrepreneur, is internationally known in fluorescence and plasmonics publishing over 250 peer-reviewed papers, is the author of > 20 books and has secured in excess of $25M in recent years to pursue his research aspirations at the University of Maryland.

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