Launching a Novel Dry Eye Product, With Oyster Point Pharma’s Jeffrey Nau, PhD, MMS


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The Food and Drug Administration approved Tyrvaya (varenicline solution), a multidose nasal spray, to treat signs and symptoms of dry eye disease, about a year ago.

Jeffrey Nau, PhD, MMS, CEO of Oyster Point Pharma, sat down with OIS Podcast host Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO, to discuss the launch and his learnings over the year that was.

Since then, about 62,000 Tyrvaya prescriptions have been written. It’s the first and only nasal spray designed for dry eye relief. Dr. Nau says refills and persistence numbers are strong.

Dr. Karpecki said he’s noticed similar results in his own practice. Of patients who received a Tyrvaya sample, the requests for prescriptions and refills have been dramatic.

While Oyster Point has release positive post hoc data of Tyrvaya, Dr. Nau said there’s still a learning curve to overcome. Physicians simply aren’t used to prescribing a nasal spray for dry eye. Will that change in 2023?

Listen to the podcast today to hear Dr. Nau and Dr. Karpecki discuss:

• How Oyster Point launched Tyrvaya after running Phase III trials at the peak of the pandemic.
• What Dr. Nau has learned from the Tyrvaya launch over the past year.
• The surprises that occurred during the Tyrvaya launch and how Oyster Point overcame them.
• How Oyster Point navigates uncontrollable events such as COVID-19 and the rocky economy.
• Oyster Point’s commercialization strategy for 2023—both for Tyrvaya and the rest of its pipeline.

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