Lindstrom Eyes Improvements to Eye Drops

Richard Lindstrom, MD, led the OIS@ASRCS breakfast breakout session “Innovative Alternatives to Drops.” Hear his recap of the problem and the potential solutions that may someday help current and new medicines reach the areas of the eye that need them most.

Video Highlights:
00:48 – If everyone used their eye drops they’d be quite safe and effective.
01:02 – But patients either can’t or won’t use their drops.
01:23 – Lots of exciting work being done in multiple areas.
01:50 – Will eye drops always be part of the solution?
02:30 – Eye drop regiments are particularly vexing.
03:30 – Is there a financial problem as well as a technology problem?

Speaking With:


Richard Lindstrom, MD

Dr Richard L Lindstrom, Founder and attending surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants, Adjunct Clinical Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Department of Ophthalmology, Associate Director: Minnesota Lions Eye Bank, Board Member: University of Minnesota Foundation, and Visiting Professor: UC Irvine: Gavin Herbert Eye Institute.

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