Lori-Ann Christie, PhD

Lori-Ann Christie joined Visionary Venture Fund in 2021 as a principal where she identifies investment opportunities, conducts due diligence, and provides strategic guidance to companies in the portfolio. Dr. Christie has 20+ years’ experience in academic and industrial discovery research and drug development. Prior to joining Visionary, Dr. Christie was director, eye care research at Allergan, an Abbvie, Inc. Company. In this role, she led a team of scientists focused on establishing preclinical proof of concept for retina disease therapeutics to address both vasculopathies and neurodegeneration. She conducted numerous diligence activities to identify scientifically and commercially viable external assets across multiple treatment modalities, including small molecules, biologics, gene therapies, rnai and stem cell therapies. Dr. Christie received her bachelor of science from Mcgill University (montreal, canada) and her Ph.D. In neuroscience from University of Toronto. She is an expert in preclinical pharmacology and has authored numerous high-impact publications spanning the topics of preclinical models of retinal disease, age-related neurodegeneration, and stem cell therapeutics.