Graybug Vision – Making Big Moves

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Graybug interim CEO Jeff Cleland shares details on the company’s $44.5 million Series B. Cleland gives a report on investor appetite for ophthalmology companies. He also explains how the firm would use the capital to shift its approach from a drug delivery platform technology company to a drug maker.

Ten Top Topics in this OIS Podcast:

  1. How much did you raise and who are the new investors?
  2. Is there a strong investor appetite for ophthalmology companies?
  3. What’s changing at Graybug?
  4. How difficult is the shift from being a drug delivery company to a product company?
  5. How does you polymer formulation slow the release of drugs?
  6. What are you presenting at ARVO this week?
  7. What clinical trials are you planning?
  8. How are you recruiting patients for clinical trials?
  9. What is the origin of your chemical entities?
  10. How does this strategy shift impact your relationship with Aerie?

Podcast Guest

Jeffrey Cleland

Jeffrey Cleland, PhD

Jeff has 20 years of industry experience in research and development, including more than a decade at Genentech, Inc. His experience in startups includes major roles in obtaining more than $450 million in capital at stages from Series A through D and exit via IPO including over $300 million in capital raised as CEO. As the founding CEO of Versartis (VSAR), he led one of top biotech IPOs of all time.

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