MC2 Biotek Group Offers Insights on PAD

MC2 Biotek Group’s Co-Founder and President Jesper J. Lange updated attendees on the company’s PAD technology, which may make existing drugs easier to use. The company’s lead product PADciclo is beginning Phase II testing against dry eye. MC2 Biotek has a collaboration with Moorfield Pharmaceuticals (part of Moorfield Eye Hospital) to develop a cyclosporine formulation that could be used once a day instead of twice a day.


Jesper J. Lange

Jesper J. Lange

Mr. Lange joined MC2 Biotek Group as Co-Founder in 2007 from his position as partner in a major Danish law firm. In addition to his experience in M&A and commercialization of IPR, Mr. Lange has strong entrepreneurial and business skills, including expertise in commercialization of drug development projects.

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