Meeting the Needs of Ophthalmic Surgeons, With Ed Timm, Mobius Therapeutics


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If ophthalmology clinical trials were burgers, mitomycin would be the mustard at the table of every U.S. restaurant with a burger on the menu.*

Using this analogy, Mitsol, developed and manufactured by Mobius Therapeutics, is the only FDA-approved mitomycin-c “mustard” formulation with an ophthalmic indication.

In reality, the mitomycin story in ophthalmology is more complicated than that, says Ed Timm, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Mobius Therapeutics.

Mitomycin-c is used by ophthalmologists to prevent scarring during surgery. Before the FDA approved Mitosol, surgeons would have to obtain a formulation of the antimetabolite from a compounding pharmacy. Because of its instability, the effectiveness of off-label use could vary.

All that changed with the arrival of Mitosol, which is a standardized product that requires no refrigeration, no light-shielding, and has a 24-month shelf life.

Unfortunately, ophthalmologists still have to develop off-label formulations of other products for use during surgery, which leads to unpredictable outcomes.

Mobius is doing its part to change that.

With podcast host Rob Rothman, MD, Timm discusses the benefits of using an assuredly sterile, assuredly potent product and Mobius’s plans to expand Mitosol’s use beyond glaucoma surgery, keratectomy and pterygium.

*Burger-mustard analogy courtesy of Ed Timm

Listen to the podcast today to discover:
• The Mobius strategy to expand into other indications and specialties.
• Timm’s take on recent recalls of contaminated eye drops and what it means for development and manufacturing moving forward.
• Mobius’s plans for growth over the next few years, including potential strategic partnerships.
• Timm’s professional background, which took him from American Hospital Supply to building Synergetics (later sold to Bausch + Lomb) to Mobius Therapeutics.
• What Dr. Rothman sees as a recurring theme in ophthalmology and how it creates better leaders and investors.

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